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Is SFF (Special Formulated Foam) safe for Nitrocellulose lacquer finish?

As a professional stand manufacturer, HERCULES goes to great lengths to provide the highest quality and the most secure stands. HERCULES had conducted numerous experiments on our SFF foam and is pleased to find that it does not react with most of the guitar finishes in the market, including Nitrocellulose. The tests included subjecting the instruments on the stand to heat, cold and normal temperatures for periods of up to six months without movement.

However, each manufacturer has their own formulation of Nitrocellulose, with differing proportions of the chemicals involved. There are literally thousands of different variations of lacquer in use today, making it impossible to test them all. Therefore, to provide your valuable guitars with the best support, we recommend you to refer to your instrument's owners manual for more information regarding the proper storage of your instrument.

What is your warranty policy?

Hercules has different warranty policies for different countries . Contact your professional local distributor with any warranty inquiries.

How can I find music stores that carry Hercules products?

Locate your closest dealer or get more information by contacting your local distributor.

Who should I talk to about artist endorsements?

Please use our Contact Form to provide us with a brief introduction or call your local distributor for endorsement opportunities. Both will lead to our local Artist Relations Manager, who will contact you after reviewing your information.

Does Hercules do co-branding, co-promotions,or sponsorships of music
     festivals and concerts?

Definitely. Give us your event information (where, when, who attends) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I call Hercules directly?

At the present Hercules does not have a standard number for global customer. Please understand that Hercules has different distributors around the world and in order to offer you the best assistance, we suggest you contact your local distributor directly. If you are having difficulty contacting them, you can also leave your message and contact information and we will pass it along to your local distributor.
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