Hercules Stands, world-renown for “Stands You Can Trust”, celebrates its 20-year anniversary in 2022. Two decades after the birth of the brand, the yellow accents common to Hercules products are commonly spotted in concert venues large and small, standing silently behind thousands of talented artists and musicians. These premium stands are also ubiquitous in studios, band rooms, and numerous homes where musicians entrust their prized instrument and precious gear to Hercules. With each passing year, the legacy, prominence, and popularity continue to grow.
Founded in 2002, Hercules hit the ground running with the introduction of the first-generation Auto Grip System guitar stands and hangers. The innovation of the self-locking mechanism quickly became the preference of guitarists everywhere.

From 2003 – 2007, building upon the success of the guitar stands, Hercules introduced additional innovations to fulfill the needs of wind instrument players and keyboard players. Additionally, solutions to better support sound reinforcement gear such as microphone and speaker stands were brought to market.

From 2008 – 2012 Hercules introduced EZ Clutch and EZ Lok mechanisms that were then applied to popular stand models, making the lives of many musicians much easier. By the end of the first decade, Hercules had launched more than 150 models of stands and accessories.

2013 – 2017 saw Hercules recognized for “Best accessories and add-ons” and “Best Tools for Schools” at NAMM, the premier music industry trade show. Hercules continued to pave a successful trail by redefining the use of stands with numerous patented innovations.

From 2018 – 2020, the all-time best-selling guitar stands and hangers were upgraded, with a next-generation AGS system which made them more adaptable, smoother to operate, and more stable.

In 2021, Hercules launched the DG Adaptive Series multimedia stands, including the DG107B podcast arm, the DG207B smartphone holder, the DG307B tablet & phone holder, and the pop filter MH200B. These items proved to be timely and useful as more people work and create from home and use technology to interact.
In honor of 20 years of continuous success, Hercules now introduces a limited-edition series of PLEXI AGS guitar stands and hangers, bringing a modern twist to the classic Hercules guitar stand and hanger designs that have long served as the foundation of the product line. The GS414BLT, GSP38WBLT, and GSP39WBLT are re-imagined versions of those bestselling models utilizing advanced material technology featuring ultimate strength and pressure endurance. This marks the beginning of a new era for the brand in 2022.
TRUST and RELIABILITY remain the cornerstones of Hercules well into the future, just as they have been from the start. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations sure to come over the next 20 years.
The entire team at Hercules extends their gratitude to our network of dealers and distributors, and to musicians everywhere who have supported the brand over the last two decades.